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Let's stop tooth decay

1 in 4 children in Derby have had tooth decay by the age of 5

Tooth decay can lead to: toothache, difficulty eating and sleeping, missing school, and serious infections.
It is vital that all families are receiving good advice to prevent tooth decay occurring.

To make sure a child gets off to the best possible start they should be taken to see a dentist by their first birthday. For more advice click on the following links:

Caring for Your Baby's Teeth A Practical Guide to Children's Teeth COVID-19 and Your Teeth

Reduce how much and how often sugary food and drink is consumed.

Derbyshire Children's Hospital:
Working to prevent tooth decay & promote good oral health

Our aim: to raise public and professional awareness about children's oral health.

To do this we run information stands, develop resources and provide teaching to professionals working with children. We want to create an environment where children's oral health is on everyone's agenda and where professionals have the knowledge and resources they need to make every contact count.

We are happy to share our oral health promotion practices to anyone looking after children. If you think you could be a local champion or would like us to run training in your workplace, no matter how small your team, we want to hear from you. Get in touch by emailing:

Brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

After brushing, spit don't rinse.

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Find an NHS Dentist

Remember NHS dental care is free if you are under 18, are 18 years old and in full time education, are pregnant, have had a baby in the last 12 months, or receive certain low income benefits.

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Change 4 Life

Fun ideas to help your kids stay healthy!

Get Healthy! Be Sugar Smart Smart Recipes (iOS) Smart Recipes (Android)

NHS Guides

How to look after you and your child's teeth at each stage of their development.

Pregnancy Babies Children

Worried about going to the dentist?

Online and printable resources to help you talk to your dentist about your worries and overcome your fears.

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Parents or carers should supervise tooth brushing until their child is at least 7 years old (or can tie their own shoelaces!).


Keep your kids entertained with these videos on toothbrushing!

Use a smear of at least 1000ppm fluoride toothpaste for under 3s.

Use a pea sized amount of 1450ppm fluoride toothpaste for 3-6 year olds.


What's really in your food?

Download this FREE Change4Life app to see how much salt, sugar and saturated fat is in those family favourites!
Get simple swaps to help you cut back on the sugar in your kids' food and drink.

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Brush DJ

The free, award-winning Brush DJ app makes brushing your teeth fun!

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My Bright Smile

This fun, FREE and interactive app will help your children build a lifetime of healthy oral care habits.

My Bright Smile (iOS)

Mindfulness Apps

Learning mindfulness is a great way to overcome fears about going to the dentist. These apps help you learn the basics and are particularly useful if you are having treatment with sedation.

Calm (iOS) Headspace (iOS) Calm (Android) Headspace (Android)

Take your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears (or before their first birthday) and then for check ups as advised by your dentist.


Oral Health Team on Diabetic Outpatient Clinic

Patients with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing a number of oral health conditions, most notably periodontal disease. This project set out in 2019 to assess and increase patient knowledge about oral health in a paediatric diabetic outpatient clinic. Our initial research findings were presented as a poster for the RCPCH Conference 2020.

Our oral health education team continue to see patients every week on the clinic and we hope to improve patient knowledge and practice with each contact we make. Since COVID-19, our educational resources have been made available on the clinic's HealthZone UK App.

Derby Community Parent Programme Collaboration

DCPP is a volunteer support programme providing expectant and new parents with specialist pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood support. We have been able to provide resources and training to their volunteers to help them promote good oral health in their communities.

Pregnancy FactsheetBaby Factsheet

Radio Campaign

We collaborated with Global communications to develop a radio campaign to create awareness and educate the families in Derbyshire. The campaign was played on Capital radio in spring 2018, and now plays out over the Derbyshire Children's Hospital outpatient department tanoy system. Feedback from patients found that 87% of those who heard the advert thought it was useful.

Many thanks to Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Local Dental Networks for funding for the radio campaign.

Mouth Care Matters

Derbyshire Children's Hospital supports Mini Mouth Care Matters (MMCM) on Dolphin and Puffin wards. This promotes good oral health for inpatients, helping them stay healthy while in our care. For more information about this project head to:

MMCM: A Guide for Hospital Healthcare Professionals

Undergraduate Education

The Innovative Dental fellow runs an teaching programme as part of Nottingham University medical students' child health attachment. Feedback from students showed that they had found the teaching a "good insight into importance of oral health" and following the session felt more confident in their understanding about the links between oral health and general health.

Dental students from the University of Sheffield also gain experience in Derbyshire Children's Hospital as part of their outreach programme. They are able to give oral health advice and toothbrushing instruction to high risk patients on the diabetic outpatient clinic.

Survey of Parents and Carers 2017

Based on the national dental audit, we sought to understand the knowledge and practice of local families attending our hospital. Our survey of the oral health knowledge and practices of parents and carers in Derbyshire from August to November 2017 gathered over 800 responses. The results were presented at the RCPCH conference in March 2018. (ADC Mar 2018, 103 (Suppl 1) A169; DOI: 10.1136/archdischild-2018-rcpch.405).

Download Oral Health Survey

Key findings:
- 1 in 3 children reported correct toothbrushing habits
- 4 in 5 children reported snacking regularly
- 1 in 3 parents are aware that their child's first dental visit should occur as soon as the first tooth appears
- 2 in 3 children who have not had their first dental visit also reported poor toothbrushing habits

Bin the Bottle, Dump the Dummy

Our campaign 'Bin the Bottle, Dump the Dummy' in December 2017 successfully engaged with over 200 families, with collaborative efforts from Derbyshire Salaried Primary Dental Care, University of Nottingham medical students, children's outpatient team, and contributions from Colgate.


Roller banners

We adapted Public Health England oral health information to develop a bespoke infographics in a roller banner display. These roller banners are displayed in children's emergency and out-patient departments.


The innovation dental fellow post was developed through collaboration between Derbyshire Children's Hospital, Health Education England and Derbyshire Community Health Services. As far as we know this is the first of its kind where a dentist is based in a district general hospital working alongside professionals to promote child oral health.

We are also very happy to be collaborating with the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton (UHDB) Patient Experience Team and the Ripplez Derby Community Parent Programme on innovative projects to improve oral health across the city.

With thanks to:

Mr Andrew Dickenson (PG Dental Dean, HEE)
Mrs Christine Utting (Specialist in Special Care Dentistry)
Dr Sandra Whiston (Consultant in Dental Public Health, Public Health England)
Maddie Braithwaite (Oral Health Promotion Team)
Dr Queenie Ong (Innovative Dental Fellow 17-18)
Miss Sharon Uppal (Innovative Dental Fellow 18-19)
Mrs Katherine Woon Sam (Innovative Dental Fellow 19-20)
Dr Ifeanyichukwu Okike (Consultant Paediatrician)

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